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Kristen (Certified BEEKEEPER)


My Name is Kristen. I have lived in the Upstate for 11 years. and i have loved bees for as long as I can remember.  My husband got  a hive for me a few years ago and it blossomed from there.  I now  manage a small number of hives, 30 to be exact, Hopefully going to expand in the coming year though. I try my best to do whats right for the bees. I am an open book if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer the best that I can. 

Reggie (Worker Bee)


My name is Reggie. I'm Kristens worker bee/husband. I currently work for Wildland Fire Management Research Development & Applications. My natural background is in technology and fire ecology. While I'm not a certified Beekeeper I'm good at following directions and doing what I'm told :-). Ecologist by trade, Software Developer by necessity.  Stay tuned for BeeSuite the 21st century tool for the 21st century Beekeeper. 

B.A. Furman Univerisity '08

MFR Clemson University '12