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Located off exit 38 this apiary location is nestled just off the woods. It is out of the way of everything and has access to an abundance of goldenrod in the fall. The spring flowers are a mix of blooming trees and annuals that the nearby residents have planted to spruce up their yards. This is a new location for us this year honey should be available next spring. Type: Italian

This apiary is located within 10mins of Furman University. Nestled in a neighborhood they have the ability to choose between seasonal flowers and spring blooming trees such as maples and tulip poplars. Goldenrod is abundant in the fall as their last food source. The hives in this location produce a light auburn honey. Type: italian

This apiary is located near the Reidville Road Methodist church, but don't go hunting for it, its nestled in amongst the trees and is well hidden. This location is surrounded by Tulip poplars, maples and mimosa trees. Because of the close proximity to  residences they also have access to seasonal blooms such as  echinacea and cherries. This apiary produces the sweetest honey we have to offer so far and is considered a water white color. Type: Italian 

Located off Moore Duncan Highway on a Hay field, this apiary is surrounded by kudzu. An abundance of spring blooming trees such as poplars, and locusts. This is a new location this year, 2019, and we look forward to having honey from this spot in 2020! Type: Italian

This apiary is located off Mckinney Road in simpsonville. It is surrounded by woods and has access to tulip poplars, maples and locust trees in the spring. The nearby farms have some buckwheat which helps to produce the dark amber color of this honey. It has a flavor similar to molasses and is slightly tart and less sweet. Type: Italian

Near Forest street this location is not where you would expect to find beehives. Nestled in a backyard near a stream and surrounded by kudzu this location is the perfect place to be undisturbed. This is also a new location for this year and we look forward to having honey from this spot in 2020 also!